Foundation Condition

Crumbling Bricks

Roof ConditionsCrumbling Bricks

Description/Cause:  Bricks deteriorate due to water entry into the brick itself. Bricks and masonry are “breathable” materials (Meaning they hold and release air and water). When bricks and mortar are saturated during freeze/thaw cycles, the water will expand and contract. The resulting stress cause the brick components to chip or break, most typically near the mortar joints or brick face.

Damage Created by Condition:  Cracks in brick or concrete walls can be a source water of seepage. 

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  Protective coating such as KARNAK #100, #220 or #920 Emulsion Damp proofing or KARNAK #83, #86, #88 #229 (Trowel Grade) may be used.

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