Roof & Foundation Conditions

Cracking, Peeling, Chipping

Roof ConditionsCracking, Peeling, Chipping

Description/Cause:  Failure of coatings to properly adhere to the surface.  This could be the result of the substrate swelling from a leak causing the coating to loosen, crack and flake off.  Vapor drive from underneath the coating can cause high levels of moisture to penetrate the coating film and push it away from the substrate.  Also may be caused by insufficient preparation of the surface or applying coating over a wet substrate.

Damage Created by Condition:  Leaves the surface unprotected.  On roofs, the membranes system is left unprotected subjecting it to direct UV, weather and the elements.  Already weathered membranes are now left unprotected and exposed.  Moisture could penetrate and saturate the roofing system leading to deterioration and failure.  Walls with this condition will allow moisture to enter and eventually cause a complete breakdown of the structure.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  Properly clean and remove all loose coating.  For roofs, apply one of KARNAK’s substrate specific base coats followed by an elastomeric finish coating.  On unexposed foundation walls, minor deterioration can be treated with KARNAK #220 Fibered Emulsion.  For more severe deterioration apply KARNAK #100 Emulsion Primer followed by KARNAK #220 Fibered Emulsion with KARNAK #5540 Resat-Mat embedded in between for reinforcement.  On exposed foundation walls, apply KARNAK #407 Base Coat followed by 501 Elasto-Brite.

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