Foundation Condition

Degraded Mortar

Roof ConditionsDegraded Mortar

Description/Cause: Degraded mortar is defined as a solid cementitious mixture that has lost its structural integrity.  The physical forms of degradation may be caused by abrasion from wind action, salt crystallization and freeze-thaw action.  Chemical forms of deterioration are usually caused by reactions with soluble salts.

Damage Created by Condition:  Cracks in brick or concrete walls can be a source water of seepage that create water problems that require repair. 

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  Depending on the type of crack, non-structural or structural, repair methods and material consisting of repointing the mortar joints, to use of hydraulic cement and epoxy-injection systems.  After repairs, a protective coating as KARNAK #100, #220 or #920 Emulsion Damp proofing or KARNAK #83, #86, #88 #229 (Trowel Grade) may be used.

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