Roof & Foundation Conditions

Porous Walls

Roof ConditionsPorous Walls

Description/Cause: If left untreated, the mortar joints or concrete blocks will begin to absorb moisture. Water enters mortar joints and freeze-thaw cycles cause general deterioration. Staining, discoloration and spalling are signs of deterioration.

Damage Created by Condition: If allowed to continue, water entering the wall system will eventually cause a complete breakdown of the structure.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required: Minor deterioration can be treated with Karnak #220 Fibered Emulsion. For severe porosity and deterioration, use Karnak #100 Primer first, followed by Karnak #220 Fibered Emulsion or KARNAK #920 Fibered Emulsion Mastic with KARNAK #5540 Resat-Mat or KARNAK #3036 Poly-Mat embedded in between for reinforcement.  On exposed foundation walls, apply KARNAK #407 Base Coat followed by 501 Elasto-Brite.

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