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Pitch Pans

Roof ConditionsPitch Pans

Description/Cause: Metal sleeves placed around small and medium protrusions which penetrate the roofing system. Movement from the protrusion will break the waterproofing compound, creating cracks. During the hot summer weather, the asphalt will sometimes bleed down into the interior around the protrusion leaving the pan dry.

Damage Created by Condition: Water can enter through a defective pitch pan and find its way into the interior of the building by running down the protrusion. Also the moisture will enter the roof system and can lead to premature failure.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required: Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  First, seal the protrusion where it penetrates through the roof with KARNAK #229AR Elastomeric Caulk or Trowel Grade.  Next, fill the pitch pocket halfway with sand and concrete.  Then firmly compact KARNAK #229AR Elastomeric Trowel Grade into the pitch pan to insure a permanent bond between the 229AR Elastomeric, sides of the pan and the protrusion.  Taper the KARNAK #229AR Elastomeric towards the outside to help shed water away from the penetrating structure.

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