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Damaged/Separated Flashing

Roof ConditionsDamaged/Separated Flashing

Description/Cause: Flashing has pulled loose or away from the wall. This is caused by exceeding the maximum height and weight prescribed. Improperly installed or leaking counter-flashing can allow water to enter behind the flashing and cause flashing to fall away.

Damage Created by Condition: Flashing falling away creates a perfect funnel for water to accumulate and enter the roofing system and building. This will cause interior damage and premature failure of system.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required: Flashing cement is used for repairing leaks in flashings on walls, chimneys, flues, downspouts and cornices can be performed using Karnak #19 or #19 Ultra Rubberized Flashing Cement by applying an average thickness of 1/8” (approximately 8 gallons per square) and press tightly into joints, seams or cracks. To repair large cracks, breaks and blisters, apply over the damaged area; Embed Karnak Cotton #34, Fiberglass #31, Poly-Mat Membrane reinforcement #3036, or Resat-Mat membrane reinforcement #5540 then apply another coat of Karnak #19 or #19 Ultra Flashing Cement over the entire patch.

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