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Roof ConditionsCracks/Splits

Description/Causes: A separation or fracture in a roofing material results from movement of the substrate. Splits are caused by excessive movement in the roof system. Constant expansion and contraction which accompanies freeze-thaw cycles can cause the movement, as well as cupped insulation, loss of volatile oils in the felts, and lack of tensile strength in the membrane itself.

Damage Created by Condition: Interior leakage, saturated insulation, and roof deck deterioration will result from splits. Always try to determine the contributing force behind the splitting to help alleviate any recurrence.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  Providing that the cracks have not propagated down to the underlying asphalt ply sheet scrim, Karnak #220 Emulsion Roof Coating may be used as a protective coating and is ideal as a prime coating prior to application of a reflective roof coating such as Karnak #97, #98 or #298 Aluminum coating products.

*The above suggest maintenance illustrates the products to use on an asphaltic roofing substrate but the appropriate products to be used would depend on the roofing substrate.

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