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Roof ConditionsAlligatoring

Description/Cause: Surface asphalt cracks into large segments. When the defects are fine, it is referred to as checking. This condition is generally found on smooth surface asphalt roofs but checking may also be present on smooth surface modified bitumen roofs.

Damage Created by Condition: If left unattended, the alligatoring condition can develop int splits in the roof membrane. Once split, water will enter the roofing system and the interior of the building.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required: For fine hairline alligatoring or checking use Karnak #100 Non Fibered Emulsion. If alligatoring is more pronounced, use Karnak #220 Fibered Emulsion. If alligatored or checked sections of the roof are located in areas that pond water use KARNAK #229AR Elastomeric Brush Grade.

Optional for added protection, coat with one of KARNAK’s aluminum reflective coatings after proper curing of the emulsion coating



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