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    16 Double Coverage Cement

    16 Double Coverage Cement

    Available in: 1 gallon cans & 5 gallon pails

    KARNAK 16 Double Coverage Cement is manufactured from a blend of selected asphalts, mineral fillers and refined solvents. This composition is then passed through a high speed mixer which provides a smooth consistency product, free of foreign matter and lumps.



    • VOC: 250 g/L
    • 2-3 gallons per 100 sq. ft.


    Coverage Calculator

    • 3-6 Gallons per 100sf**


    This is intended as a general guideline only, coverage can vary based on many factors.


    1. Lap cement
    2. Rolled roofing adhesive
    3. Blind nailing cement

    Physical Properties

    Preparation & Application

    KARNAK 16 Double Coverage Cement is applied by brush, broom or squeegee. The area to be coated must be free and clean of all debris, dust and dirt.

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