Performance of acrylic roof coating systems can be improved greatly when the right base coat is used
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It's All About That Base (Coat)

February 2, 2021
Enhance the performance of acrylic roof coating systems by choosing the ideal base coat, maximizing their benefits and ensuring long-lasting results.

Not all coating systems are created equally

While most have one thing in common, a nice, white reflective finish, the long-term performance hinges on the use of a substrate-specific base coat.

Nobody knows this better than KARNAK

where formulating high-performance roof coating systems has been a tradition for 85 years.

Many different types of roofing systems can be coated but if the roof coating is incompatible, fails to adhere, or allows bleed-through, the long-term performance of the coating may be severely compromised.  In the early years, the acrylic coatings market was marred by adhesion challenges and asphalt bleed-through issues. To solve these problems, KARNAK used the skills of polymer chemistry.

Our chemists studied the various roof systems and developed four substrate-specific base coat formulations designed to adhere to each different type of roof.

Even better, KARNAK base coats are

self-priming and fully elastomeric roof coatings

often reducing application steps for the contractor compared to systems that require priming the surface before application of the coating system.

The KARNAK specialty base coats are designed specifically for each type of roof including: metal, concrete, asphalt, previously coated roofs, EPDM, new SPF roofs, and aged single-ply membranes including TPO, PVC, Hypalon and EP roofs.

The specialized base coats

can then be paired with any one of KARNAK’s acrylic elastomeric finish coats

501, 505HS, 529 or 535 – for a truly customized, energy-saving system that will meet the needs of both the building owner and the contractor.

So, while manufacturer recommended substrate preparation remains a critical step in any roof coating application, selecting a KARNAK substrate-specific base coat

greatly enhances adhesion and lengthens the roof coating system’s performance

Contact your KARNAK representative to learn more about KARNAK elastomeric base-coats:

View our base coats

The Karnak Team

Since 1933, our team at KARNAK has been dedicated to producing top-quality sustainable roofing and building solutions that protect and extend the life of building envelopes while reducing environmental impact. As a family-owned and certified woman-owned business, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, durability, and personalized customer service. We specialize in liquid-applied roofing systems, repair products, and comprehensive support through detailed documentation and our Q Applicator Program for contractors.

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