Waterproofing and Damp proofing FAQs

1. Does KARNAK offer Warranties or Guarantees on its Dampproofing / Waterproofing products?

YES! Please contact KARNAK Corporation for Warranty information.

2. Does KARNAK offer an approved applicator program?

KARNAK realizes that from time to time the need arises for KARNAK materials to be applied by an approved applicator. KARNAK does recognize the ability of applicators that install KARNAK products if they have been doing such installations for at least three (3) years. This is with the understanding that, the KARNAK materials are installed in accordance with KARNAK’s specifications.

3. Where can I obtain KARNAK products?

KARNAK products are available through a variety of distributors in the U.S. and overseas. Please contact KARNAK for your nearest distributor: Phone 1-800-526-4236, 1-732-388-0300, Fax 1-732-388-9422 or email KARNAK info@KARNAKcorp.com.

4. What is the dry or cure time for KARNAK products?

The dry or cure time for KARNAK products depends on the specific product used and the outside ambient temperature. For the most part, KARNAK brush or spray grade coatings will dry in 24 hours. KARNAK flashing cements and mastics, will “skin” over in 24 hours, but take longer to fully dry because they are applied at a heavier rate than spray or brush grade coatings.

5. Can I apply KARNAK coatings or cements if rain is imminent?

KARNAK products should not be applied if rain is imminent within 24 hours. The exception to this is KARNAK’s #155, #155AF Amphikote and #19 Ultra Rubberized Flashing Cement, these products are designed to be used in either wet or dry conditions, thereby making them ideal for use as emergency repair situations.

6. How soon after it rains can KARNAK products be applied?

24 to 48 hours, if surface is fully dry.

7. How do I clean up a spilled KARNAK product?

Consult MSDS on the specific product.

8. How long does newly poured or applied concrete have to cure before I can apply KARNAK dampproofing or waterproofing products?

All newly poured concrete should be cured a minimum of 28 to 30 days prior to applying any KARNAK solvent base product such as KARNAK #83AF Fibered Dampproofing, #86AF Fibered Trowel Mastic, #229AF AR-Elastomeric Waterproofing or #W-1 One-Kote. Newly poured concrete and C.M.U. (Concrete Masonry Unit) should cure a minimum of 5 to 7 days before applying any KARNAK emulsion(water base) product such as KARNAK’s #100AF Non-Fibered Emulsion Dampproofing, #220AF Fibered Emulsion Dampproofing or #920AF Fibered Emulsion Mastic.

9. Is a protection board required when using KARNAK dampproofing or waterproofing products?

Yes! It is highly recommended that a protection board be utilized to protect the coating from damage prior to and during back-filling operations.

10. What is the difference between Dampproofing and Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is defined as the treatment of a structure or surface to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure. Dampproofing is defined as the treatment of a structure or surface to resist the passage of water in “absence” of hydrostatic pressure.

11. What is "Hydrostatic Pressure"?

According to the NRCA Hydrostatic Pressure is defined as “the pressure equivalent to that exerted on a surface by a column of water of a given height”. Use the following chart as a guideline for Hydrostatic pressure.

Hydrostatic Pressure

(lbs. Per sq. in.)
(Wall Surfaces)
(Floor Surfaces)
0.5 0.22 15.63 31.25
2.0 0.43 31.25 62.50
3.0 0.87 62.50 125.00
3.0 1.30 93.75 187.49
4.0 1.73 125.00 250.00
5.0 2.17 156.25 312.50
10.0 4.34 312.50 625.00
20.0 8.68 625.00 1250.00
40.0 17.36 1250.00 2500.00
60.0 26.04 1875.00 3750.00
80.0 34.72 2500.00 5000.00
100.0 43.40 3125.00 6250.00

12. How long do I have to wait before back-filling after applying KARNAK dampproofing or waterproofing products?

Back-filling should take place within 7 days after application to protect the installed product from physical damage.

13. Is priming necessary prior to applying a KARNAK dampproofing or waterproofing product?

Yes! Primers are recommended to prepare porous or slightly dusty surfaces prior to the application of coatings or mastics.

14. Can KARNAK dampproofing or waterproofing products be applied below freezing temperatures?

KARNAK products are recommended to be applied at 40° F to 50° F and rising.