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How to repair backed out fasteners on a metal roof

March 8, 2021
Learn how to easily repair backed out fasteners on a metal roof

Chris Huettig:

Hi, I am here on a metal roof to show some of the deficiencies that can happen to allow water to enter a building. Fasteners in the field can become loose and back out. To fix this, we are going to tighten the fastener to make it flush with the roof and then we are going to apply a sealant like KarnaFlex Seam Sealer over the top of it to protect it, seal it, and keep water out. Once we do that, this roof will be water tight. So what I have here is a larger fastener it actually has a neoprene washer on it.

To review:

Step 1: I am going to take the fastener put it back in the whole and tighten it.

Step 2: Cover fastener and hole with a dollop of KarnaFlex (which is water tight).

Step 3: Now that we have done this, we can apply our coating over top.

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