Single-ply restoration is the fastest growing segment of the roof coatings market.
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Did You Know? A look at Single-Ply Restoration

May 19, 2023
Experience the versatility of KARNAK's coating solutions with a selection of three advanced single-ply restoration technologies. Elevate your roof's performance and protection with our innovative offerings.


Thermoplastic and thermoset single-ply roof membranes were first introduced in the United States in the 1970s.  They have proven to be user friendly, installed with a variety of attachment methods, and offer excellent field performance.  The single-ply roofing market segment of thermoplastic membranes which are mostly highly reflective white systems consisting of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), has grown steadily over the past decade and continues to dominate the market today.  Thermoset membranes consisting of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer, are referred to as EPDM, and are generally black in color although there are some white EPDM membranes in the market.  For today’s roofing contractor, these roof systems present a huge opportunity to repair, coat and restore these aging roof membranes.

After years of service protecting the interior of the building, many single-ply roof membranes can experience surface deterioration and issues at seams and penetrations related to weather exposure.  These conditions left unchecked will ultimately lead to total roof failure. However, with a proactive roof maintenance program that includes annual roof inspections, repairs, and restoration, these roofing systems’ service life can be extended for many, many years. For more information on the benefits of roof restoration systems, see our Technical Bulletins & Blog titled “Why Repair & Restore?” available under the Resources tab at



Few manufacturers can boast they have three different system technologies for restoring TPO, PVC, and EPDM. KARNAK offers Acrylic, SEBS Thermoplastic Rubber, and Silicone coating restoration systems.  Acrylic systems are composed of specialty polymers offering durability and highly reflectivity at an effective cost.  These coatings are water-based.  SEBS Thermoplastic systems are manufactured with rubber compounds that are strong, flexible with excellent heat and UV resistance. They are also highly reflective and are solvent-based.  Silicone systems are single-component, moisture-cure coatings providing high reflectivity and excellent ponding water resistance.  


Because we know roof membranes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as the environment roofs are in are never the same.  Not all roofs are alike, so we do not take a "one product fits all" approach.  Our process for recommending a coating solution starts by asking several qualifying questions, a roof walk if possible and conducting an adhesion test.  Adhesion testing may include applying one, two or sample coating from all three technologies so we get the best system for the roof. Adhesion testing also allows us to evaluate the cleaning efforts required for preparation of the roof for coating.  

For questions about KARNAK’s single-ply restoration systems or it you would like a representative to inspect your roof or conduct an adhesion test, contact KARNAK Technical Services at 800.526.4236 or

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