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Visible Scrim

Roof ConditionsVisible Scrim

Description/Cause:  Deterioration of TPO/PVC Single Ply protective top Coat leaving the reinforcing scrim exposed.  Normally caused by oxidation of the single-ply systems top coating, leaving the exposed reinforcement scrim and underlying core sheet subject to UV degradation.

Damage Created by Condition:  When the top protective Scrim Coat oxidizes away, the Single Ply Scrim is exposed to the elements and quickly deteriorates.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  Weathered TPO and PVC surfaces accumulate dirt over time and must be cleaned prior to coating with Karnak 406 Tru-Grip followed by a top coating of either Karnak 501 Elasto-Brite, Karnak Karna-Sil 670 HS Ultra or Karnak’s 502 RC-W system.

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