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Lifting Seams

Roof ConditionsLifting Seams

Description/Cause: Lifted or open seams can occur when the proper adhesive quantities or heat application has failed to be applied at both seam interfaces allowing for improper bonding of the two surfaces.

Damage Created by Condition: Lifted or open seams can allow water infiltration that can damage the underlying insulation and deck. 

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required:  Open laps or seams should be pulled back to a sound well adhered section and any debris removed, properly cleaned and allow to dry.  Using Karnak 550 Patch-N-Go Fleece Self Sealing Tape, adhere tape to crack as directed per product application guidelines. Apply Karna-Flex (502 Seam Sealer for most single ply such as EPDM, TPO, PVC or Hypalon) or the appropriate product depending on the roofing substrate, at an average thickness of 1/16” to completely cover the polyester face of the tape and feather out.  Or, using Karnak Resat-Mat #5540, apply Karna-Flex (502 Seam Sealer) at an average thickness of 1/16” to completely cover the seam and immediately embed one layer of Resat-Mat #5540 covering it with another application of Karna-Flex (502 Seam Sealer) making sure to smooth the fabric out and it is completely and cover.

*502 Karna-Flex Seam Sealer is use above to illustrate the proper application technique for repairing a Lifting Seam on an EPDM membrane but the appropriate product to be used would depend on the roofing substrate.

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