Roof & Foundation Conditions


Roof ConditionsEmergency

Description/Cause: Frequently leaks will occur during bad weather making emergency repairs necessary. Rain and melting snow and ice will allow water to enter building through ruptures and other deficiencies, creating hazards to personnel and equipment.

Damage Created by Condition: Water entering the buildings interior and roof system cause severe and costly damage to building personnel and roof system.

Suggested Maintenance/Products Required: Scrape aggregate if present and apply Karnak #155 Amphibikote wet/dry cement to cleared area. Firm pressure must be used on the trowel to displace moisture and give the mastic a chance to bond by embedding Karnak #34 Asphalt Saturated membrane or Karnak #31 Fiberglass Membrane into the Karnak #155 Amphibikote and covering with a uniformed troweling of more mastic to completely cover the membrane.

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