100 Non-Fibered Primer (quick-drying primer)

    100 Non-Fibered Primer (quick-drying primer)

    Available in: 5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums

    KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer is a general purpose non-fibered emulsion primer prepared from an asphalt binder, carefully refined and emulsified in water by means of selected colloids.  The asphalt emulsion thus produced is of heavy paint consistency.  It is especially designed for use as a general utility prime coat for concrete, gypsum, masonry, brick, and metal surfaces over which waterproofing, dampproofing, roof coatings, membranes and other asphaltic products are to be applied.  KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer is designed specifically to prepare surfaces for torch applied modified bitumen membrane, where solvent-based primers are not permitted or applicable.  KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer will not burn or support combustion in a liquid state and will not flash.  This is a low odor coating that resists the absorption of exterior moisture.



    Coverage Calculator

    • 1-2 Gallons per 100sf**


    This is intended as a general guideline only, coverage can vary based on many factors.

    Physical Properties

    Weight per Gallon: 8.5 Lbs.
    Solids by Weight: 52% Nominal
    Solids by Volume: 49% Nominal
    Color: Brown Wet-Black Dry
    Permeability: 0.5 Perms
    Dry Time: 2 to 4 hours @ 77° F, 50% RH
    Service Temperature Range: -5°F to 180°F

    Preparation & Application


    All surfaces should be clean and free from oil, grease, dust, dirt and other foreign matter. KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer can be applied to damp surfaces.  Dry surfaces may be dampened with water before application of KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer.


    KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer is easily applied by brush, roller or spray equipment. KARNAK 100 Non-Fibered Primer must be worked into all cracks and crevices.

    Apply with a soft wide fiber brush in even strokes, feathering the primer on the surface to obtain a smooth, uniform film.

    Caution/Care of Tools

    Do not take internally. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply when rain is  imminent.  Protect from freezing. Coating must be dried before exposure to water. Store in a heated room and keep container covered when not in use. Do not thin.

    Brushes, spray guns and other tools used for application should be immersed in water when not in use. Clean up with water when wet, dried material may be cleaned with mineral spirits or Karna-Klean. Take due precautions when handling flammable materials. Dispose of in an environmentally safe manner.

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